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The DENA Magazine Issues
Self-Improvement builds stronger
families and communities.  Here are
some great courses throughout
Pasadena, being offered regularly
LOW COST or NO COST to you!

Pasadena Neighborhood
Leadership Institute (PNLI)

Vision 20/20 Community Violence

Pasadena Senior Center
(Various Classes)

Pasadena Roving Archers

Pasadena Croquet Club

Pasadena Media
Television Production

Empowering Our Local Youth
Promoting Achievements, Programs, and Positivity
Pasadena's Dalon Poole and Armory Honored By
The White House and First Lady
On November 17th, the First Lady of the United States, presented the young photographer, Dalon Poole, and
Armory Executive Directer, Scott Ward, with the 2015 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award.

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How To Study Like A Boss
Step 1 - Visualize yourself as a business!  No matter what you want to be or do in life, seeing yourself as a
business or organization will always help you remain professional and stay focused on your goals.  This will
also help you realize how valuable your time is and how important it is to budget it wisely.

Step 2 - Schedule everything!  You should always spend your time better than you spend your money.  
Everyone gets the same amount of hours in a day, but success comes with how those hours are used.  
Scheduling everything you do on a calendar or appointment book, will not just help you get things done, it will
also help you identify where to improve in your time management.  Also, don't forget to schedule the fun stuff
too.  Make sure to plan time for friends, family, recreation, and just relaxing.  Scheduling all work and no play is
not just unrealistic, it can also be unhealthy.

Step 3 - Find or create a place to focus!  It makes no difference if it's a corner office or a quiet corner in
your home, a clean and quiet place to work is essential in effective studying.  If you can't create space in your
home, know that libraries, college campuses, community centers, bookstores, and even coffee shops, can
make great places to get some work done.  The less going on around you, the easier it will be to focus on the
tasks at hand.

Step 4 - Stay equipped!  Make sure you have all the materials and tools required to be successful.  If it's
going to take time to get your materials together, start early.  If you can't afford a book you need, check it out a
make copies of the pages you need most.  If you need help getting required materials, ask someone early.  
Never wait until it's too late to attempt getting what you need.  Being physically and mentally prepared, will
always help create better results in the end.

Step 5 - Investigate!  Always conduct your own independent research.  Never just rely on the materials
offered to you.  Regardless of what you're studying, there is always room for additional research.  Visiting
websites and checking out other books and materials on a subject, can turn a good grade into a great grade.

Step 6 - Apply what you just leaned!  Knowledge without application is useless.  If you're learning about
business, apply those practises to your business immediately.  If you're learning about something that can't be
easily practiced, then talk about it often.  Even if none of your friends are in your class, spark discussions
about what you just learned.  This will help the information resonate in your mind and be there when you need

Step 7 - Get help!  Don't hesitate to ask for help, if you need it.  Take advantage of any service available,
including but not limited to mentors, tutoring, open labs, counseling, financial assistance, and online support.  
Know that there are many people and services out there that want to see and help you succeed, so feel free to
utilize them.

Step 8 - Reward yourself!  Doing something nice for yourself when you accomplish something, is a great way
to stay motivated.  Even if the reward is as simple as taking yourself out to lunch or sleeping in on Saturday,
it's important to show yourself appreciation for what you've done.  This is also a great way to keep you out of
the habit of seeking credit from others/
Dalon Poole of Pasadena and First Lady Michelle Obama
Regardless of what your educational or career gaols
may be, studying will always be an important part of
just about every young person's life.  How well you
study determines how well you retain the information
required to perform well on tests, quizzes, and during
discussions.  To help people of all ages become
better and more knowledgeable students, we have
created a unique and effective guide towards attaining
superior study habits and results!  Just follow these
simple steps, and just watch the good grades roll in.
PASADENA is to create a vibrant
ecosystem of technology and
design innovation in the greater
Pasadena area that supports
sustainable economic growth. We
support and accelerate
collaboration across and within
business, academia, and the
broader community.....
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