Simone B Catering Samples
Simone B Catering Samples
Simone B Catering Samples
Simone B Catering
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"At Simone B Catering,
Every Customer Is Special"
A Profile Of A Local Entrepreneur & Business
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Our Mission

At Simone B Catering, every customer is special. We treat our customers and
their event, whether small or large, with care and display a true desire to bring
their vision to life. We craft with love and cook with passion. Every sweet treat
and savory eat is full of flavor, creating an unforgettably edible experience ...
every time!

Our Story

Regina, owner & head chef of Simone B Catering, discovered her passion for
cooking at a very young age. At the gentle hand of her grandmother GiGi~Amin,
Regina learned a few tricks of the trade: cooking/baking basics from peanut
butter cookies to home-sliced French fries and slow roasted turkey necks.
Although her culinary skills evolved over the years, it wasn't until college that
Regina’s burning desire for cooking resurfaced.
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While attending CSULB, Regina became the “Go-To Girl” for Dorm-
room Dinners, college party eats and Birthday cakes. It wasn't long
after completing her BA that she committed to attending Le Cordon
Bleu where she sharpened her skills and developed her own cooking

Her style of cooking is full of creativity and passion, embracing the
memories of her childhood while bridging the classic culinary world of
Le Cordon Bleu culinary and everyday eats today's modern world.

Her passion for cooking exceeds beyond her skills in the kitchen.
While transforming traditional favorites into unique eats, it is her
desire to leave a lasting imprint on taste buds sending customers
back into memorable moments in time.

To place an order or for more information, contact:
Simone B Catering
(480) 299-0212
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