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Self-Improvement builds stronger
families and communities.  Here are
some great courses throughout
Pasadena, being offered regularly
LOW COST or NO COST to you!
Pasadena Neighborhood
Leadership Institute (PNLI)

Vision 20/20 Community Violence

Pasadena Senior Center
(Various Classes)

Pasadena Roving Archers

Pasadena Croquet Club

Pasadena Media
Television Production

Unlock A Child's Potential: Join "Reading Partners"
Hacking Financial Aid: 33 Ways to Get Money for College
The cost of college is constantly on the rise. The average price of a four-
year public college has increased more than 15% since 2008. And
according to a report from EdTrust, just one year at a public university
consumes 27% of the annual middle-class household income in the
United States. Considering how expensive it is becoming to attend
college, it’s no wonder that $150 billion in financial aid money is awarded
to United States college students each year. (

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Reading Partners is dedicated to unlocking the skills of students who
struggle with reading. We provide one-on-one reading instruction to
elementary school students reading below grade level to help them
succeed in school and in life.  (

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Learning In the "City of Roses"
A College Town
When naming popular "college towns", Pasadena almost never receives the recognition it deserves.  
Most people wouldn't be able to tell you that in just the 23-square-miles of Pasadena, you will find
over 10 accredited institutes of higher learning, as well as countless vocational programs and
community-offered classes.  Below, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular schools and
educational programs that are available in the beautiful city of Pasadena, CA!

California Institute of Technology
Pasadena City College
Art Center College of Design
Fuller Theological Seminary
Pacific Oaks College
Los Angeles College of Music
California School of Culinary Arts
Ambassador College
University of the People
North-West College
Live Above The Hype: The Curriculum With Social Relevance
Live Above The Hype is a Common Core aligned, Character
Development curriculum. This curriculum is to be used as a resource to
open insightful dialogue between instructors and students that enables
character development, builds critical thinking skills, and ultimately
creates positive shifts in their value systems.

Students who complete this curriculum have a higher sense of
consciousness regarding the impact their value system has on their lives
and will be more committed to take a more pro-social approach to
education, conflict resolution, community responsibility, peer interactions,
finances, success strategies, overcoming obstacles and daily decision
making to help ensure a more positive future.  

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Reading Partners Promotional Video
Hacking Financial Aid
Thanksgiving Turkey was
uploaded by
Allrecipes, and is our
"How To" video of the week.  With
the holidays approaching, let's
prevent dry turkey season, and
check out this great video.